“It was somewhere in the northern suburbs,

KangarooIn the land of rock and scrub,

That they formed an institution,

Called the Geebung Bowling Club”

Adapted from Banjo Pattersons “The Geebung Polo Club”

During 1962-63 a group of local people played indoor bowls in a church hall in Innes St, Geebung, and it was here that the idea of Geebung Bowls Club originated.

This group of foundation members included K. Apps, G. Boyd, I. Burgess, G. Codwell, H. Cross, A. Eddiehausen, D. Green, M. Lane *(see note), J. Leith, V. Meyers, E. Munroe, N. Nelson, N. Pedrazzzini, K. Skinner, P. Skinner, P. Smith, J. Tierney, J. Twigg, N. Ward, R. Williams and L. Wilson.

After numerous meetings and much discussion with the assistance of local Alderman Frank Sleeman, land was made available and an application was submitted to the R.Q.B.A for the necessary affiliation.

The inaugural meeting of the Geebung Bowls Club was held in the Geebung-Zillmere RSL hall on June 24th 1964. Although membership was small, the members were finally able to begin planning their new club.  Our handful of members appreciated the kindness of Aspley Bowling Club when we were able to start playing at their club. Geebung members commenced playing at their club in November 1964.

In the first year they managed to clear the land and design the bowling green. They raised a total of £1200.00. Tenders were called for the first green.

Membership in the first year reached 33 and they sought instruction from players at Hendra Bowls Club as many were new players.

In 1965 President Harry Cross organised a loan so that the green could be constructed. The green was at a cost of approximately £4,300 and was built strictly in accordance with R.Q.B.A specifications. Supervision of the construction was entrusted to Verge Meyers and as a result the first green is so named “Verge Meyers Green”

The R.Q.B.A granted affiliation in 1965. A Ladies club was then founded, having their initial meeting in the residence of Mrs Whittaker, Bayview Terrace, Geebung. The first Madame President was Edna Wilson.

1966 was a big year for Geebung. Kalinga made a green available for mixed play. Wavell Heights donated a kitchen which had been used by the army then moved from Newmarket Club to Wavell Heights to us. The new green was levelled and we employed our first greenkeeper – Barry Harvey.

On December 10 1966 the members were able to play on their own green for the very first time. Although there was no clubhouse, so Harry Cross arranged a marquee under which they could have their morning tea. At that time there was no liquor licence, as the liquor laws were very strict but Eric Munroe did a wonderful job arranging “Cool drinks” to satisfy the members needs. The honour system was used and the bowlers appreciated this situation.

Again President Harry Cross arranged finance so that a clubhouse could be erected and was ready for operation by May 1967. As satisfactory facilities were now available a Liquor licence was granted much to the delight of members and guests.

The official opening was arranged for August 1967 and this duty was performed by R.Q.B.A President Ern Silverton. The social event that follwed was a delight to all especially the ballet performed by Merv Lane, John  Leitch, Nev Nelson, Arnold Eddiehausen, Noel Craig and Graham Welldon.

Membership and finances were growing to such an extent that a second green was required and extensions to the clubhouse. Extensions were completed and R.Q.B.A President Jack Rowe performed the official opening ceremony. Approximately £25,000 had been spent on the building.

The Ladies had become a very active part of the club by this point and were assisting both physically and financially. It was becoming obvious that a second green was essential but as the land required was private property alot of negotiations and frustrations were encountered. Eventually the land became available at the end of 1973. The second green cost approximately $18,000.

The official opening of the second green occurred in 1974 and was aptly named the Harry Cross green in honour our Past President who did so much for the club in its initial stages.

Many additions have been made to the clubhouse in ensuing years as finances became available and demand rose.

Our first Pennant flag was in 1971 in Division 5 and we gained a second flag in 1979 in 3rd division. With more players and the standard of play improving, our Ladies had their first Pennant success in 1978 in 5th Division and 2nd Division in 1983. Great achievements at that point in time for such a small club. Fame came to the club in 1981 when Dolly Hunter and Phyl Slattery won the Q.L.B.A State Pairs.

The club has hosted many interstate and top bowlers and our facilities proved to be quite satisfactory.

The modern day Geebung Bowls Club continues to be a great club that caters for everyone in the community, charity organisations, its members and visitors alike. From its inception it has been blessed with a solid foundation of hard working dedicated members from the Ladies in the kitchen that offer their time generously to all the volunteers around the club for the past 49 years. We continue to have great successes on the bowling green from Pennant flags to District and State titles.